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Movibloc Mobile Shelving

The mobile-base bulk filer for all your small-item storage

Multiply your storage capacity with mobile shelves! Mobile shelves store your inventory in half the space required by conventional filing cabinets.

Save on space – potentially double your storage capacity

Protect your items – a sealed block when shut, Movibloc keeps the dust out!

Versatile shelving – 25-mm level intervals ensure you get the right sized shelf

Easily classify your articles with a range of filing accessories

Security locks guarantee access is restricted to authorised personnel

Over 50 quality finishes ensure Movibloc always blends in with its environment

Distributed and supported in Africa by APC Storage

Solutions SA!

Interested in optimising your smaller-item storage? Contact APC Storage Solutions SA today to speak to a mobile shelving technical expert!

Movibloc mobile shelving can be customised to your workspace,

with variously-sized lockers available.

About APC Storage Solutions SA and Mecalux

APC Storage Solutions SA has optimised over 5 000 warehouses and storage areas
in South and southern Africa, helping hundreds of companies achieve more efficient
working and handling areas in their operations


Its storage solutions are based upon the Mecalux product range of racking, shelving
and material handling equipment
. Made in Europe according to the industry’s leading
manufacturing and design standards, Mecalux is among the world’s leading companies
in the storage systems market, distributed in more than 70 countries.

APC Storage Solutions SA provides OEM-level support of the Mecalux range, including its 2-year guarantee and lifetime warranty against manufacturing and assembly defects.

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