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Mobile Shelving for Museums & Galleries

Our mobile shelving for museums and galleries does more than
just securely store valuable items, it provides:

Dust-free and fire-resistant storage environment to protect art

Lockable storage systems for secure storage of high-value items

Fully-adjustable shelves to accommodate different sized art

Hanging systems for paintings within the storage system

Utilise existing space storing more items in less space

We also have a solution for storing heavy artwork. Our shelves can be treated with galvanised reinforcements that can handle up to 300 kg per shelf.

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Benefits of mobile shelving in your gallery or museum:

Store items of different shapes and sizes!

Our mobile shelving systems are completely customisable to your space.
This means that you can store a small vase or large sculpture in the same
locker. In addition, we can fit your locker with a mesh back panel to hang paintings.

High-end design and appearance

Movibloc is available in over 55 different finishes and is guaranteed to suit the
aesthetics of your space! These finishes include 24 shades of melamine,
32 shades of moisture-resistant particle boards and grey metal panels.

Protect your artwork with enclosed and lockable shelving

When dealing with precious artwork, it is important to limit exposure to outside
elements. Our mobile shelving systems address this with dust-free seals and
moisture-resistant enclosures. In addition, we offer a range of indexing
accessories to mark the shelf with its contents.


Our mobile shelves also come with various sliding doors and locking systems
to prevent unauthorised personnel gaining access to your art work.

Mechanical or manual access to stored times!

Because mobile shelving systems only open when required, you can choose
between two operating systems to open the shelves. These include:

Mechanical movement: acquired by a practical crank wheel

Manual movement: by sliding using handles on locker

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Eliminate wasted aisle space and double your storage capacity!

Bulk filing systems for your museum or gallery! Mecalux Movibloc mobile shelving
is a compact archive storage system that consists of shelves or lockers that are
mounted on mobile bases that slide along rails.


This means that all but one of the aisles between the shelving units are eliminated.
The shelves are mechanically or manually moved to give you direct access your
required aisle!


Our technicians will customise a mobile shelving solution according to your space
and storing requirements!

Read more about the advantages of Movibloc here.

Available sizes

We supply standard-sized systems, as well as custom sizes as required by application.

Our Movibloc can be customised to a variety of heights,
widths and depths according to your space:

Depth (mm):





Height (mm):

2 145

2 395

2 645

Width (mm):


1 000

1 250

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