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Manual Shelving Systems

Manual shelving is a cost-effective solution for archives containing lighter-weight loads. Each locker is fitted with handles that allow it be pulled from side to side as required.

Ideal for smaller installations of fewer lockers with lighter loads

Range of ergonomic handles simplifies opening and closing

Lockable carriages restrict access to authorised personnel

Adapts to the available size of your storage space

Manual shelving systems can be used to store a wide range of physical archive material in environments like offices, libraries
and schools, medical facilities and laboratories.

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The most efficient way to store your small items!

The application potential of a mobile bulk filer that can adapt both to your storage area as well as the items you intend to store is huge! And it’s all possible through precise, high-quality technology and components manufactured to the highest standards in Europe.


Manual opening and closing of Movibloc shelves is facilitated through a high-quality wheel and rail system for smooth operation and perfect guidance of the shelving system. This means minimum effort needs to be applied relative to the weight of the shelves being moved.


The wheels are mounted on self-lubricating bearings with a large radial capacity. They travel smoothly across specially-profiled, omega-shaped rail systems.

These rails attach directly to a correctly levelled floor, with no specialised building work required.


Alternatively, the rails can be mounted to wooden boardings placed on top of the existing floor if required or requested by client. A wide range of finishes are available for our floorboards. Click here to read more about our finishes and accessories.


Movibloc provides a dust-free enclosure when fully closed – making the positioning of the lockers during operation of high importance. Rubber stops ensure you open and close the Movibloc correctly for maximum safety, space efficiency, and the protection of contents.

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Any item, any size or shape

The Movibloc bulk filer is fully adaptable to your requirements! Specify the height, width and depth requirements and we’ll build a system accordingly from the following possibilities:

Our Movibloc can be customised to a variety of heights,
widths and depths according to your space:

Depth (mm):





Height (mm):

2 145

2 395

2 645

Width (mm):


1 000

1 250

Inside the Movibloc, define the levels of your shelves along 25-mm intervals to adapt to your storage items.

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