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Mechanical Shelving Systems

Movibloc is a mobile storage system available in South Africa exclusively through APC Storage Solutions SA. It is a compact bulk filing system with only one movable aisle, freeing up available space for other operations.

Increase storage capacity without increasing storage space

Only one movable aisle eliminates the need for multiple static aisles

Lockable storage systems securely store high-value goods and documentation

Fully-adjustable shelves accommodate products in any shape,

size and weight

Chemical- and fire-resistance provides additional protection

Dust-free storage environment due to sealed unit and rubber seals

No special building or flooring required as units are configured for ease of installation

Attractive finishings to blend in with allocated storage space

Tell me more about mechanical shelving systems

Our technicians will customise a bulk filing solution according

to your storage requirements!

Engineered and manufactured by Spain-based Mecalux, an internationally renowned warehouse and storage solutions manufacturer,
the Movibloc mechanical shelving system is generally used for storage applications 2-metres long or more. This bulk filer is also
available in a manual configuration, which is primarily used for shelving systems less than 2 metres long.

Numerous applications

Our bulk filer has been designed in such a way that it is capable of being used as a storage facility for multiple applications. Typical
applications include conventional office space – including attorneys’ offices and financial institutions; pharmaceutical products
and medical practices; galleries and museums; educational institutions and libraries; as well as laboratories.

Mobile shelving advantages

Use less space & store more

The mobile storage unit compactness is achieved by a single mobile aisle that allows you to securely store more items than before without using up additional valuable office space.

Ultimate retrieval efficiency

Shelving can be adapted to meet all types of requirements, and stored items can be effortlessly classified and easily accessed for fast easy retrieval. This is facilitated by a number of accessories available from APC Storage Solutions SA, such as sliding doors and card indexes.

Dust free storage environment

Zero aisle space allows your storage unit to form a closed block, reducing the quantity of dust entering, while rubber seals add to dust prevention and dirt access.

Minimum effort manoeuvrability

A maximum of 5 kg pressure need be applied to the crank wheel to move the unit. The Movibloc wheel designs and three-armed handle facilitate ease of movement, which translates to absolute ergonomic shelf movement without physical exertion.

Professional looking work place

Movibloc comes standard with over 55 finishes, in either metal or wooden panels that
blend into the workplace, granting customers a selection of aesthetically pleasing
finishes to help retain the professional aesthetic integrity of your workplace.
Read more about our available finishes here.

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The shelving and bays on our bulk filers are fully customisable – we will install according
to your requirements. Customers need specify height, width and depth requirements,
and we do the rest. Shelf levels within each locker can be set at 25 mm intervals or
more, enhancing their adaptability.

The following customers recently increased storage capacity without increasing storage space by installing
our mobile shelving systems

Dutch reformed Church Stellenbosch

Randburg Magistrates court

Denel Aviation

Gemological institute of America – Library in Botswana

Quartro Pack – Limpopo

Dr rooms at Sunward Park Hospital and Kloof Medical Clinic

Department of Sports, Arts & Recreation

Givaudan SA

All mobile racking systems are available with a lifetime warranty and 2-year guarantee.

Simple mechanics

For the mechanically configured Movibloc, movement is transmitted to the drive wheels by a practical crank wheel, and a set of cogwheels and chains. This enables locker movement with minimum effort.


The quality of materials used and the manufacturing processes undertaken for the operating system guarantee smooth movement and perfect guidance. Wheels are mounted on self-lubricating bearings with a large radial capacity. These travel along Movibloc’s specifically manufactured rails, with a carefully designed profile for perfect movement.

The rails are omega shaped with a low profile, designed to attach directly to a properly levelled floor. A choice between a double and triple gearing system provides customers with additional choice. The double gearing system uses two pairs of cog-wheels enabling a locker loaded with 5 500 kg to move by applying force of only 4.84 kg and the triple gearing system enables the same weight load to be moved with only 2.09 kg of force.


Lockers adapt perfectly to the available space and to the characteristics of the product being stored. APC Storage Solutions SA technical personnel will tailor your storage requirements, creating a custom-built bulk filing system.

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Movibloc sizes

We supply standard-sized and custom sized bulk filers as required by your application.

Available sizes

We supply standard-sized systems, as well as custom sizes as required by application.

Our Movibloc can be customised to a variety of heights,
widths and depths according to your space:

Depth (mm):





Height (mm):

2 145

2 395

2 645

Width (mm):


1 000

1 250

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