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Mobile Shelving Accessories & Finishes

We offer a range of high-quality accessories and exterior finishes for our mobile shelving systems.

Movibloc is available with a range of accessories that
extend their versatility and storing possibilities:

Garment rail sets

Storage boxes

Card indexing

Mesh back panels

Trays and bins

Vertical divider

Book dividers

Lateral retainers

Front retainer

Suspended file sets

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High-end finishes to suit your application:

Our bulk filing systems are available with high-end, attractive finishes that make them suit the aesthetics of a wide range of spaces, from laboratories to law firms!


We’ve partnered with leading companies to create wood-based finishes for our mobile shelving that provide not only an attractive coating, but high moisture-resistance too.

Over 50 finishes

now in stock!

-  Grey metal panels

-  24 shades of melamine

-  32 shades of moisture-resistant

   panel boards

Available sizes

We supply standard-sized systems, as well as custom sizes as required by application.

Our Movibloc can be customised to a variety of heights,
widths and depths according to your space:

Depth (mm):





Height (mm):

2 145

2 395

2 645

Width (mm):


1 000

1 250

Available colours

View our vast range of colours available for Melawood PG Bison and Novolam.

Available Accessories

Pull out shelves


Divider shelves

Wire rack

Hanging files

Garment Tube Bay

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