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Mobile Shelving Advantages

Movibloc mobile shelving is the most efficient way to store
your office items and smaller articles.


These ergonomic, attractive bulk filers are completely adaptable
to the functional environment, both on the inside and out.


This makes Movibloc ideal for storing books, documents and

other archival material, and many other smaller articles, such

as pharmaceutical products, spare parts and a wide range
of retail goods.

Save on space – potentially double your storage capacity

Protect items – a sealed block when shut, Movibloc keeps the dust out!

25-mm level intervals ensure you get the right sized shelf

Easily classify your articles with a range of filing accessories

Security locks guarantee access is restricted to authorised personnel

Over 50 quality finishes ensure Movibloc blends in with its environment

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Simple logic, refined execution

Movibloc is a compact archive storage system, consisting of rows of shelves mounted on mobile bases. Mobility allows the shelves
to open and close, eliminating the need for static aisles, which creates more space for storage; increasing storage capacity.


Movibloc can be opened either through manual handles (mainly for lower weighted shelves), or through manual-mechanical
(allowing an almost infinite amount of heavy shelves to be assembled).


Movibloc is manufactured in Europe by Mecalux, and APC Storage Solutions SA is the sole distributor of Mecalux
shelving systems in Africa.

How will the Movibloc improve my item storage?

Not only does the Movibloc increase storage density by eliminating the need for static access aisles, it allows for a
more efficient, organised storage environment tailored to your item requirements.

Any item, any size or shape

Depth (mm):




Inside the Movibloc, define the levels of your shelves along 25-mm intervals to adapt to your storage items.

Height (mm):

Width (mm):

2 145


2 395

1 000

2 645

1 250


Our Movibloc can be customised to a variety of heights,
widths and depths according to your space:

The order of things

Take it further with a range of accessories that are designed to make filing, classification and sorting far easier. Customised bins, dividers, boxes and other filing media can be supplied as part of a turnkey solution! Click here to view our accessories.

Preserve and protect

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When the Movibloc is closed, it forms a sealed unit that prevents dust and other foreign matter to settle on your important items, keeping them clean and safe.

Ergonomic operation

Two different opening mechanisms are available: manual and mechanical. Even on large, heavy Movibloc installations, carefully designed gearing systems ensure that no more than 5 kilograms of force need be applied in order to open an aisle!

Mechanical mechanism: accessed by ergonomic crank wheel

Manual mechanism: accessed by conventional handles

Movibloc’s versatility means it can adapt to almost any object in any space! Contact us today on 087 234 9447  to see how we can
optimise your storage space!

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