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Mobile Shelving Systems

Our mobile shelving system, Movibloc, is imported from Mecalux in Spain and customised in South Africa to address the unique storage demands of your application!


Moviboc is a compact bulk filing system that optimises available space and guarantees archived material is kept safe, clean and in good order.

Utilise existing space – storing more items in less space

Store different sized items from single documents to large artwork

Customised to your space – standard sizes and customised solutions

High-end appearance with a range of 55 finishes

Protect stored items with lockable, dust-free systems

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Our mobile shelving system:

Eliminates wasted aisle space, doubling storage capacity:

Movibloc mobile shelving consists of aesthetically-pleasing shelves or lockers, mounted on mobile bases that slide along set rails. These rails attached directly to levelled flooring – with
no additional building required!

This means that all but one of the aisles between the shelving units are eliminated, drastically increasing your storage capacity.

Stores items of different shapes and sizes!

Our mobile shelving systems are completely customisable to your space. This means that you can store single documents in suspended files and large artwork in the same system.

Customised to your space requirements

Movibloc is completely customisable to your space as well as to the items you need stored! We stock and supply a range of accessories, from suspended files to mesh for hanging paintings, to ensure that the system works for you.

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Available sizes

We supply standard-sized systems, as well as custom sizes as required by application.

Our Movibloc can be customised to a variety of heights,
widths and depths according to your space:

Depth (mm):





Height (mm):

2 145

2 395

2 645

Width (mm):


1 000

1 250

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High-end design and appearance

Movibloc is available in over 55 different finishes and is guaranteed to suit the aesthetics of your space! These finishes include 24 shades of melamine,

32 shades of moisture-resistant particle boards and grey metal panels.

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Protect stored items with dust-free

and lockable shelving

Our mobile shelving systems provide a complete dust-free storing environment with limited access to outside elements and specialised seals. All steel structures are treated with cataphoresis, providing rust- and corrosion-resistance, and our finishes provide an aesthetically-pleasing moisture-resistant enclosure.

Our mobile shelves also come with various sliding doors and locking systems to prevent unauthorised personnel gaining access to your stored material work.

All mobile racking systems are available with a lifetime warranty and 2-year guarantee.

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