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Mobile Shelving for Office Spaces

Mobile shelving for office space stores your important items in a neat, compact and organised manner.

Dust- and fire-proof storage space protects important inventory

Security locks ensures access is restricted to authorised personnel

Customise shelf heights as required by your stowed items

Over 50 attractive finishes to match your office environment

Movibloc is a mobile-base bulk filer that eliminates the need for static aisles – meaning more space to store your office items!


Fully customisable to your storage requirements, both in terms of floor space and height as well as the sizes of individual shelves and bays, Movibloc is the ideal storage solution for efficient, organised office storage.


Movibloc is manufactured in Europe by the storage solutions leader, Mecalux.

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How will the Movibloc improve my item storage?

Not only does the Movibloc bulk filer increase storage density by eliminating the need for static access aisles, it allows for a more efficient, organised office environment tailored to your item requirements.

Any item, any size or shape

Movibloc is fully customisable – specify your height, width and depth requirements and we’ll build a system accordingly!


The levels of the shelves within each locker can be defined at 25-mm intervals, and so can adapt to any item size.

Preserve and protect

When the Movibloc is closed, it forms a sealed block that prevents foreign matter such as dust from settling on your important items, keeping them clean and safe.

The order of things

Movibloc makes classifying your articles simple! Apart from defining and segmenting bays as needed, we have a wide range of accessories that introduce maximum order to the way you store your office items. Customised bins, dividers, boxes and other filing media can be supplied as part of a turnkey solution!

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Ergonomic operation

Two different opening mechanisms are available: manual and mechanical. Even on large, heavy Movibloc installations, carefully designed gearing systems ensure that no more than 5 kg of force need be applied in order to open an aisle!

Mechanical mechanism: accessed by ergonomic crank wheel

Manual mechanism: accessed by conventional handles

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Read more about the advantages of Movibloc here.

Movibloc is ideal for documents, files, office equipment, stationary, electrical components – its versatility means it can adapt to almost any object!

Available sizes

We supply standard-sized systems, as well as custom sizes as required by application.

Our Movibloc can be customised to a variety of heights,
widths and depths according to your space:

Depth (mm):





Height (mm):

2 145

2 395

2 645

Width (mm):


1 000

1 250

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